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Wall Hangings

Brass and wooden wall hangings are showcased here online for a quick buy. There is a huge variety offered by us such as drama laughing & crying masks, enamel masks, painted wall tray, flower wall plaque, flower, leafs and wall hanging sun, to name a few. These are uniquely crafted using wood or brass, for which a series of hand tools are used by our artisans. They give attention to all the details and ensure that every piece of wall hanging is exceptional in every parameter. Sizes, designs and shapes are three factors, which differ from product to product.
Brass Drama Laughing Masks Red Set Of 2
Product Code :- BR 600791
Aluminum Enamel Masks (set of 4)
Product Code :- AL 500120
Brass Animal Masks (set of 6)
Product Code :- BR 600787
Brass Masks Black & Gold (set of 6)
Product Code :- BR 600788
Brass Enamel Masks (set of 4)
Product Code :- BR 600789
Solid Brass Flower Wall Plaque
Product Code :- BR 600783
Brass Painted Wall Tray
Product Code :- BR 600785
Wooden Wall Panel Wall Hanging Sun
Product Code :- WSH 801007
Wooden Wall Hanging Leafs
Product Code :- WSH 801014
Wooden Wall Hanging Tree
Product Code :- WSH 801015
Wooden Wall Hanging Vines
Product Code :- WSH 801016
Wooden Panel Wall Hanging Squares
Product Code :- WSH 801017
Wooden Panel Wall Hanging
Product Code :- WSH 801019
Wooden Wall Panel Wall Hanging
Product Code :- WSH 801020
Wooden Wall Panel
Product Code :- WSH 801006
Wooden Carved Wall Panel Hanging
Product Code :- WSH 801008
Wooden Wall Panel- I
Product Code :- WSH 801010
Wooden Wall panel Wall Hanging Flower
Product Code :- WSH 801011
Wooden Wall Panel-II
Product Code :- WSH 801012
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