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Copper Cup O Votive Candle Holder
Product Code :- 400364
Cyan Design Brass Guilded Silk Votive
Product Code :- 400377
Checkout this amazing collection of beautiful Votives that are small candles or also known as prayer candles. These candles come in beeswax yellow or white in color and fitted in a holder already for the prevention of fire or wax spill. The offered items are used in restaurants, homes, churches and many places. In addition to this, Votives are also found on dinner dates or romantic dates for creating a soothing and charismatic environment. These are also ideal for lighting walkways in many places. Moreover, our offered candles are kept in a small cup-like vases which looks appealing.
Metal Candle Holder
Product Code :- 401916
Copper and Gold Mazing Votive
Product Code :- 400369
Nickel Cup O Votive
Product Code :- 400366
Large Leblanc Votive
Product Code :- 400356
Large Forest Glow Votive
Product Code :- 400346
Large Bronze Luniana Votive
Product Code :- 400329
Ecliptic Small Votive
Product Code :- 400325
Votive Nickel Candle Cup
Product Code :- 400289
Copper Candle Holder Votive
Product Code :- 400183
Votive Wall Candle Holder
Product Code :- 400210
Variegated Flame Votive
Product Code :- 400397
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