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Our provided range of Sextants are widely used in the marine industry in order to measure the angle between the astronomical object and the horizon for celestial navigation. These provide reliable results by precisely measuring the distance between two objects. The instruments are made from brass and some of them also come with inlaid wooden box. These are light in weight and small in size that help in their easy movement from one place to another. The Sextants can be used at night and help in finding direction in the sea. These perform for countless number of years and that too effectively.
Brass Sextant Wooden Base
Product Code :- BR 601250
Aged Brass Sextant Wooden Box
Product Code :- BR601240
Sextant Wooden Box Aluminum And Brass
Product Code :- AL500222
Bugle Copper & Brass
Product Code :- BR 601231
Aluminum Sextant Wooden Box
Product Code :- AL 500224
Brass Astrolabe
Product Code :- BR 601245
Brass Sextant Wood Box
Product Code :- BR 601248
Brass Abney Level
Product Code :- BR 601232
Astrolabe Arabic Solid Brass
Product Code :- BR 601246
German Sextant With Glass Box
Product Code :- BR 601234
Solid Brass Small Sextant
Product Code :- BR 601242
4 inch Sextant with Wooden Case
Product Code :- BR 601249
Solid Brass Sextant With Inlaid Wooden Box
Product Code :- BR 601251
Sextant Wooden Box
Product Code :- BR 601241
Solid Brass Sextant
Product Code :- BR 601239
Round Sextant Double Scope
Product Code :- BR 601238
Sextant with Wooden Case
Product Code :- BR601236