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Our Products

We are manufacturer of timers or sand timers, which are also called hourglass. All these are completely handmade and they are provided in the options of time viz some hourglass have sand for one minute, five minute, forty seconds etc. The range is made using aluminum or brass and is available with engraving and without it. The item contains sand and is made of glass. Sand color vary from model to model viz white, grey, purple, burgandy, maroon etc. The timers or sand timers are required for their standard use, however we offer hourglass for decoration purpose only.
Timer Pendant 4 second
Product Code :- BR601343
Brass Sand Timer 5 Min. White Sand
Product Code :- BR 601353
Antique Brass 5-min. Timer Purple Sand
Product Code :- BR 601355
Brass  3-min. Hourglass Purple Sand
Product Code :- BR 601370
Brass Sand Timer Burgandy Sand
Product Code :- BR 601348
Brass Timer White Sand 1 Min.
Product Code :- BR 601346
Key Ring Sand Timer Hourglass Solid Brass
Product Code :- BR 601344
Antique Brass  5-min. Hourglass Purple Sand
Product Code :- BR 601354
Brass 5-minute Hourglass Purple Sand
Product Code :- BR 601362
Brass 3-minute Hourglass Maroon Sand
Product Code :- BR 601360
Brass Sand Timer Hourglass approx 5min
Product Code :- BR 601356
Brass 3-Min. Hourglass Purple Sand
Product Code :- BR 601359
Aluminum Sand Timer Hourglass 1 Minute
Product Code :- AL 500228
Brass 3-min. Hourglass Maroon Sand
Product Code :- BR 601358
Brass Glass Sand Timer Hourglass
Product Code :- BR 601351
Brass Hourglass Sand Timer 5 minute
Product Code :- BR 601345
Product Code :- BR 601357
Brass 5 Minute Timer w/ Purple Sand
Product Code :- BR 601361
Make an environment worth appreciating with our huge collection of Candle lanterns. These help in preventing the candle flame from extinguished by rain, wind or any other cause. The lanterns have an elegant look and help in enhancing the ambiance of a premise. These are used at homes and commercial places like museums, cafes, restaurants and similar others. Using candles in an enclosed frame also reduces the chances of fire. The candle Lanterns are available with us in diverse designs, colors and shapes to give a wide choice to clients. These can be mounted on ceilings and walls as well as can also be kept on table.