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Our Products

Aluminum and other material are used to make a vast range of figures statues, that are showcased here. All these are religious statues and serve the purposes of decoration, gifting and some even are utility products such as Om Incense Burner On Pedestal. We are manufacturer of these products and assure that each one is developed considering the religious facts and beliefs of the religion. All the figures and statues of god as well as goddess are plated with a coating, which prevents them from the effects of dust, moisture and other factors. We are also offering these religious figurines in copper and brass finish.
Aluminum Ganesh Statue Brass Finish
Product Code :- AL 500151
Aluminum Statue Hanuman
Product Code :- AL500163
Aluminum Krishna Statue Copper Finish
Product Code :- AL500162
Aluminum Statue Shankar Sitting
Product Code :- AL500159
Aluminum Statue Nataraj Copper Finish
Product Code :- AL500154
Natraj Statue Aluminum
Product Code :- AL500152
Aluminum Shankar Statue
Product Code :- AL500160
Aluminum Statue Laxmi Copper
Product Code :- AL500149
Aluminum Statue Kali Copper Finish
Product Code :- AL500158
Om Incense Burner On Pedestal
Product Code :- BR600875
Plain or Antique Dancing Ganesh Statue
Product Code :- BR 600881
Brass Kali Mata
Product Code :- BR600909
Aluminum Statue Ganesha Copper Finish
Product Code :- AL500150
Outdoor-Indoor Aluminum Stool
Product Code :- AL 500143
Large Wooden Temple Red Finish
Product Code :- WSH 801080
Traditional Round Aluminum Tray Table
Product Code :- AL 500126
Outdoor Aluminum Silver Table
Product Code :- AL 500138
Home Decor Aluminum Table
Product Code :- AL 500134
Chrome Finish Aluminum Stool
Product Code :- AL 500147
Outdoor Round Cast Aluminum Copper Table
Product Code :- AL 500128