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Planter Sets

We are bringing forth the most antique and designer collection finely developed Planter Sets. Different kinds of metal or metal alloys, such as brass, steel etc, are being utilized in the production of the offered vessels. These are available in various sizes and shapes, which give them an unique touch and make them aesthetically appealing in appearance. These Planter Sets are kept outside or inside the house for the purpose of growing plants in them, which add a lot to the interior decoration of the house. Some of them are available with the wooden stands whereas some of them are without stands.
Iron Standing Rooster Planter
Product Code :- IR 300555
Garden Iron Planter Set Of 3
Product Code :- IR 300578
Hexagon Small Flowerpot & Planter
Product Code :- BR 601792
Iron Dog Planter
Product Code :- IR 300554
Iron Planter Urn shape
Product Code :- IR701203
Metal Planter on Plant Stand
Product Code :- IR701215
Iron Corrugated Round Planter
Product Code :- IR701204
Three Piece Tall Metal Planter
Product Code :- 401885
Three Piece Wavy Mouth Metal Planters
Product Code :- 401886
Metal Bucket Planter On Stand
Product Code :- IR 300573
Iron Crafted Planters on Stand Set of 3
Product Code :- IR 300558
Ceramic Planter Set of 3
Product Code :- 401859
Argetile Rustic Planters - Set of 3
Product Code :- 401852
Brass Planter
Product Code :- BR601444
Rope Planter Set Solid Brass
Product Code :- BR601435
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