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We are the prominent provider of a large array of Magnifiers that are used for producing magnified images of different products. These consists of convex lenses through which the light is passed, the parallel rays bend to make the product or image appear larger that its actual size. The instruments are available with us in diverse sizes and other specifications to meet the client's requirements in an appropriate manner. These are used in educational institutions, laboratories, medical sector and many other places to cater various applications. The Magnifiers work on the principles of geometry and give long lasting as well as reliable working.
Brass Miniature Magnifers
Product Code :- BR 601729
Magnifying Glass with Compass
Product Code :- BR 601142
keychain Magnifying Glass
Product Code :- BR 601141
Desk Magnifier
Product Code :- BR 601140
Magnifying Glass Brass Handle
Product Code :- BR 601775
Biggest Magnifying Glass in the World
Product Code :- BR 601783
Magnifying Tripod with Leather box
Product Code :- BR 601782
Magnifying Tripod
Product Code :- BR 601781
Magnifying Glass Mother Of Pearl
Product Code :- BR 601779
Magnifying glass Wooden Handle
Product Code :- BR 601774
Handheld Magnifying Glass Horn Handle
Product Code :- BR 601772
Handheld Magnifying Glass Bone Handle
Product Code :- BR 601771
Handheld Magnifying Glass Ivory Handle
Product Code :- BR 601769
Magnifying Glass Wooden Handle II
Product Code :- BR 601766
Magnifying Glass Wooden Handle
Product Code :- BR 601765
Solid brass magnifier stand Adjustable
Product Code :- BR 601778
Magnifying Glass Stand II
Product Code :- BR 601777
Brass Magnifying Glass with Velvet Pouch
Product Code :- BR 601767
Mini Magnifying Glass Chrome Finish
Product Code :- BR 601764
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