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A. K. Exports is the foremost provider of a large ambit of Compasses. These are widely utilized for navigation and help showing direction in relation to the geographic cardinal directions. The instruments are mainly used on aircraft and ships for indicating direction. These are compact in size and light weight that assure their effortless mobility from place to place. These comprise magnetic needle that normally points to the north pole of the earth's magnetic field and can also move freely. The Compasses are available with us in different designs and sizes, so customers can pick according to their requirements.
Vintage Telescopic Theodolite 7 Inch
Product Code :- BR 600985
Black Dalvey Compass With Leather Case
Product Code :- BR 601081
Golden Pocket Flat Compass
Product Code :- BR 601127
Nautical Ship Wheel Compass
Product Code :- BR 600989
Nautical Pocket Flat Compass
Product Code :- BR 601125
Antique Military Compass
Product Code :- BR 600995
Military Compass With Bronze Finish
Product Code :- BR 600999
Sun Dial Compass I
Product Code :- BR 601001
Sun Dial Compass II
Product Code :- BR 601002
Sun Dial Compass Wood Box
Product Code :- BR 601005
Clinometer Compass Wood Box
Product Code :- BR 601007
Brass prismatic Compass With Leather Pouch
Product Code :- BR 601008
Compass With Wood Base
Product Code :- BR 601010
Brass Statue Of Liberty Compass
Product Code :- BR 601021
Brass Calendar Compass Screw On Lid
Product Code :- BR 601022
Brass New York Times Titanic Compass
Product Code :- BR 601023
Survey Compass I
Product Code :- BR 601011
Globe Compass
Product Code :- BR 601013
Clinometer Compass With Case
Product Code :- BR 601009
Alidade Polished Brass Compass
Product Code :- BR 601037
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