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Candle Lantrens

Make an environment worth appreciating with our huge collection of Candle lanterns. These help in preventing the candle flame from extinguished by rain, wind or any other cause. The lanterns have an elegant look and help in enhancing the ambiance of a premise. These are used at homes and commercial places like museums, cafes, restaurants and similar others. Using candles in an enclosed frame also reduces the chances of fire. The candle Lanterns are available with us in diverse designs, colors and shapes to give a wide choice to clients. These can be mounted on ceilings and walls as well as can also be kept on table.
Iron Lantern Candle Holder
Product Code :- IR 701257
Metal Lanterns Candle Holder
Product Code :- IR 701253
Hanging Lantern Candle Holder
Product Code :- IR 701251
Candle T-Light Sliding Lantern Blue
Product Code :- IR 701158
Ornate Candle Lantern
Product Code :- IR 701156
Candle Lantern Round Sliding Chrome Plated
Product Code :- IR 701161
Iron Candle Lantern Black
Product Code :- IR 701159
Candle Lantern Glass Antique Finish
Product Code :- IR 701157
Candle Lantern Color Red Glass
Product Code :- IR 701160
6 Sided Candle Lantern Blue
Product Code :- IR 701153
6 Sided Candle Lantern Yellow
Product Code :- IR 701154
Candle Lantern Iron Crackle Glass
Product Code :- IR 701163
Antique Iron Candle Lantern Six Sided
Product Code :- IR 701152
Large Iron Candle Lantern
Product Code :- IR 701151
Antique Iron Candle Lantern 4 Sided
Product Code :- IR 701155
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