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Aftab Jug & Pitchers

Aftab Jug & Pitchers is one of our popular categories, which enjoys higher demand in the industry. We are offering the best online collections, wherein different styles and sizes are available. The metallic aftab were used historically for the purpose of pouring drinks. A standard aftab set contains a pitcher and lender vases that are beautiful due to the presence of beautiful Minakari work. In some of our Aftab Jug & Pitchers, customers can view intricate designs and floral & leaf motifs that too in assorted colors. These are a perfect gift item, which are backed with superior polishing.
Solid Brass Wine Jug & Glass Set
Product Code :- BR 601504
Brass Enamel Kettle
Product Code :- BR 601484
Solid Brass Jug
Product Code :- BR 601513
Etched Brass Jug
Product Code :- BR 601510
Brass Jug Painted
Product Code :- BR 601508
Brass Rope Pitcher
Product Code :- BR 601516
Brass Aftaba
Product Code :- BR 601489
Copper Aftaba kettle
Product Code :- CO 901037
Large Kettle
Product Code :- CO 901039
Solid Brass Decorative Aftaba
Product Code :- BR 601493
Brass Painted Aftaba
Product Code :- BR 601494
Arabian Aftaba
Product Code :- BR 601495
Solid Brass Arabian Aftaba Embossed
Product Code :- BR 601496
Brass Pitcher
Product Code :- BR 601498
Solid Brass Plain Afghan Jug
Product Code :- BR 601515
Copper Kettle
Product Code :- CO 901036
Brass Copper Kettle
Product Code :- CO 901040
Home Decor Brass Aftaba Etched
Product Code :- BR 601492
Vintage Brass Aftaba Etched
Product Code :- BR 601487
Brass Aftaba Etched Water Pitchers
Product Code :- BR 601486
Peacock Design Brass Jug
Product Code :- BR 601514
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